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Dream of taking water in small cup

Printed From: Rawatan Sihir
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Forum Name: Discussion on jinn-based amal (deviant amal)
Forum Discription: Discussion on jinn-based practise such as Reiki, Xi Gong, Kundalini and internal energies. This will be a senstive topic as some teachers wear white robe, and have done Hajj
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Topic: Dream of taking water in small cup
Posted By: rawatansihir
Subject: Dream of taking water in small cup
Date Posted: 04-Sep-2013 at 7:25am

In our experience with many many members from Malayia, the dream of keeping small container, cup, bowl in hand is not so good. Even keeping water in big container such as bucket, bath-tub, swimming pool is not so good.

In our experience, the person who dreamt of keeping water in small container such as cup bowl:

a) may have learnt some teachings which are un-Islamic such as Reiki, Xi Gong, Yoga meditations, Internal Energy (Tenaga Dalam in Malay ) etc

b) have in-correct understanding on Islam. Especially on Allah's powers - which can do anything as Allah wishes

For example, the hotness of fire can be cool for Prophet Ibrahim (alaihissalaam) but not for others, Prophet Adam (alaihissalaam) can be created from clay, and Prophet Isa (alaihissalaam) can be born without a father.

The correct dream is the dream of flowing river of clean water The flowing water is used to clean our body by way of washing and bathing.

One way to overcome this is to recite for 7 days in a row - either whole of Sura al-Baqarah 1x OR Sura Ya-seen 3x. Recite EVERY day.

Also recite Sura Al-Kafirun 33x, Sura Ikhlas 33x

Also same time, at night, do qiamulail or tahajud at least 2 rakaat, followed by solatul taubat 2 rakaat.

Keep repeating, doing the above, until there is dream of flowing river. in sha Allah

We hope this is easy to understand to do.


Posted By: rawatansihir
Date Posted: 28-Feb-2014 at 8:17pm

For those having dream of keeping water in small container, one way to remove the small container so that it does not block your spiritual development is as follow:

Recite Al-Baqarah 1x (ONE TIME) every night for 7 nights in a row. The best of course is to recite Sura Al-Baqara 1x (ONE TIME) after tahajud, at least 2 rakaat. Also do solat nawfil for taubat.

For those who are un-familiar with Sura al-Baqara, please recite Sura Ya-seen 3x (THREE TIMES)

Once the body is clean, you do not have dream of water in small cup, but dream of clean water in big blue sea in sha Allah


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