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Terms & Conditions for Ruqya Advise

Printed From: Rawatan Sihir
Category: Nasihat Rawatan / Treatment Advise (NOT FREE)
Forum Name: Advise for Difficult Jinn/Sihir Problem (FOR A SMALL FEE)
Forum Discription: For those suffering from difficult sihir or suffering jinn / sihir for long time, please try asking here. For those looking for free ruqya, please go to Malaysia Darussyifa
Printed Date: 28-Jan-2021 at 7:43am
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Topic: Terms & Conditions for Ruqya Advise
Posted By: rawatansihir
Subject: Terms & Conditions for Ruqya Advise
Date Posted: 28-Feb-2013 at 8:01am

These are the ground rules so that there is mutual understanding of what should happen, and what should not happen:

1) The cure is from Allah (not us), but we will provide the advice of what Quran verses to recite. This point is very important if we do not want to become shirk

2 ) Please note that the focus is getting to the cure, bi-iznillah, and not teaching. So sometimes we may not answer question on why we recite this or why we recite that.

3) Before we start, please tell us who will recite Quran for you, you or who ? It is very important that the Quran reciter do not wear taweez or keep taweez in his house.

4) And can that person recite the Quran by reading the Arabic text ?

5) Please refer latest Rates

6) If everybody in the family is suffering the same thing, as example haunted house, then advise to one person can be shared by the others. But once there is need to discuss specific unique conditions of each person, where each person have to be advised differently, then it will be by person

7) Payment is through PayPal to ""

8) We will monitor your daily progress update through email for ONE (1) week.

9) If there are new developments, we may have to revise the earlier advise for additional US$5.

This will happen only if a magician start something new, or there is some hiding jinn/sihir being un-covered.

WE believe most cases (90%) are straightforward, where the patient recite for 1-2 weeks and the problem is finished, in sha Allah

10) After that 1 week, it is up to the patient to continue or take rest or stop the session


11) On dreams, the charge is US$10 per dream or vision, max 50 words per each dream / vision

12) If you want, please email your earlier dreams, especially same dreams which are repeated for many times. This is useful as some times important clues are given in the dreams, so the advise on will be more precise, insyAllah. But remember we will charge by dream

13) Nevertheless, after Quran verses are recited, there is usually dream given to the patient or the reciter dreams on the situation, in sha Allah


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