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One way to gain guidance dream, bi-iznillah

Printed From: Rawatan Sihir
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Forum Name: Guidance Dream related to Sihir/Jinn (FOR A SMALL FEE)
Forum Discription: For those who received guidance dreams, and want extra opinion for a small fee, please post here. For those who want free interpretation, please read the right kitabs from righteous scholars
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Topic: One way to gain guidance dream, bi-iznillah
Posted By: rawatansihir
Subject: One way to gain guidance dream, bi-iznillah
Date Posted: 08-Jan-2013 at 8:02pm

One way to gain guidance dreams related to sihir/jinn, which has been tried successfully by many others, alhamduLILLAH, is to recite the following for at least 7 nights in a row, insyALLAH

The best time is to recite before sleeping, perhaps after maghrib prayer or after ishaq prayer. Of course if we can recite after doing tahajud 2 rakaat, it would excellent !!

Istiqfar 3x
Fatiha 1x, Qursi 1x, Al-Baqara 285-286 1x
Salawat 11x - shortest is "ALLAH humma sali 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aa-li Muhammad was sahbihi wa barik wa saleem"
Sura (2) al-Baqarah verse 1-17 1x
the whole of Sura (36) Yaseen
the whole of Sura (72) al-Jinn
Salawat 11x

Usually, after 3rd or 4th recitations of the above, we should get some guidance dreams. Of course try to make dua that we can easily interpret our own dreams. Or our friends or neighbors can help interpret. Or maybe the imam or ustaz at our local masjeed.

Since the imam or ustaz or our neighbor can reply verbally, they have no need to write nicely on paper. So they usually will not expect payment, because we will be the one doing all the note-takings.

But since we are taking their time, we should at least give them some token of appreciation or small gifts

I hope this is useful


PS - But if you have to come here to seek help, where the reply has to be typed nicely with grammar checks etc etc ....

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