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Does "new-age" meditation cause possesion ?

Printed From: Rawatan Sihir
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Forum Name: Discussion on jinn-based amal (deviant amal)
Forum Discription: Discussion on jinn-based practise such as Reiki, Xi Gong, Kundalini and internal energies. This will be a senstive topic as some teachers wear white robe, and have done Hajj
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Topic: Does "new-age" meditation cause possesion ?
Posted By: rawatansihir
Subject: Does "new-age" meditation cause possesion ?
Date Posted: 15-Jun-2010 at 8:40pm
The Swedish are getting cleverer through experience, alhamduLILLAH. As everyone knows, experience is a very good teacher, but her fees are very expensive.
The question this time is whether we can get possessed by "demons" or "evil spirits" if we practise the "new-age meditation" ?
Please read the full article in here: -
A short exciting extract is here:
Can one become possessed by "demons" or "evil spirits" by practising the "new-age" spiritual or eastern methods?

More and more people write to me and seek an explanation of what has happened to a close family member or friend, who all of a sudden has gone "mad". These people have practised some kind of yoga, meditation, rebirthing, healing, reiki, channeling, dowsing, or some other spiritual method available today.

The symptoms, that these people have are almost all the same, no matter which the method they have adopted:
For those who like to risk your mental health, and job-career, you may ignore our warnings, and please continue with your "new-age" meditations"
For real stories of those mind-damaging and very dangerous personal experiments, please read this: -
I hope this is useful for those who want to keep their mind intact, and I hope it is not too late.
Take it easy and wasssalam
PS - If you need to seek "inner peace" please turn fully to Islam, as ALLAH the Creator of this Universe has promised this peacefulness in the Holy Quran, Sura (13) Ar-Ra'adu verse 58:
“Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah! it is in the remembrance of Allah that their hearts can find comfort”[13:28]

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