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Quote abg_ramz Replybullet Topic: Interesting Knowledge about the Quran
    Posted: 24-Oct-2007 at 1:28am

Interesting knowledge about the Qur`an

1.       The longest Surah of the Qur`an is Surah Al-Baqara (2) consisting of 286 longer ayaat.

2.       The shortest Surahs are Surah Al-Asr (103), Surah Al-Kauthar (108) Surah Al-Nasr (110) consisting of three short ayaat each. Surah Al-Kauthar consits of only 37 letters.

3.       The longest ayah of the Qur’an is ayah 'mada'ena' (Qur’an 2:282), It consists of more than 31 phrases.

4.       The shortest ayah is Ha-mim  (ﻢﺣ)  (Qur’an 41:19) It consists of only two 'muqatt'at'. The other shortest ayaat are mudhammatan (نﺎﺘﻣ ﺎﻫﺪﻣ) (Qur’an 55:64) and summa nazara  (ﺮﻈﻧﻢﺛ)  (Qur’an 74:21).

5.       Ayah 21 of Surah al Muddaththir (74) consists of two words whereas ayah 31 of the same Surah consists of more than 45 words.

6.       The longest message (wahiy) which was revealed as one revelation is Surah al‑An'am. (There is however, difference of opinion in this regard) The shortest revelation was 'Ghair ulil dharar' (Qur’an 4:94) which is a part of one long ayah. It was received as one message.

7.       Two phrases of the Qur`an ie., 'Kullin fi falakin' (Qur’an 21:31) and 'rabbika fa kabbir' (Qur’an 74:3) are such that the Arabic letters remain the same in reverse ayah also. The former phrase is used in the context of describing day and night and the revolution of the sun and moon. Similarly latter phrase is used in the context wherein it is enjoined that a man should not accept another one as superior and should spend day and night in the praise of Allah.

8.       The ayah in which the largest number of the attributes of Allah are used is (Qur’an 29:23).

9.       Out of 114 Surahs of the Qur`an except Surah Tawbah (9) all start with the ayah of initiation i.e., ‘Bismillah-hir Rahman nir Rahim’. In the text of Surah Al-Naml (27) ‘Bismillahir Rahman nir Rahim’ is used (Qur’an 27:30). Thus the total number of ‘Bismillah-hir Rahman nir Rahim’ in the Qur’an remain 114.

10.     In ayah (Qur’an 28:7) two injunctions, two prohibitions and two (glad) tidings have been combined.

11.     There are two ayaat in the Qur`an i.e., ayah Qutb (Qur’an 3:154) and ayah (Qur’an 48:29) each of which contain all the (28) letters of the Arabic script.

12.     For the convenience of reference names have been assigned to certain ayaat:

1.        Qur’an 2:255        Ayatil-kursi

2.        Qur’an 2:274        Ayah yunfiqun

3.        Qur’an 2:275        Ayah riba

4.        Qur’an 2:282        Ayah mada'ena

5.        Qur’an 3:61          Ayah mubahila

6.        Qur’an 3:154        Ayah qutb

7.        Qur’an 4:176        Ayah kalala

8.        Qur’an 5:67          Ayah tabligh

9.        Qur’an 13:13        Ayah barq

10.      Qur’an 20:4          Ayah istwa

11.      Qur’an 21:87        Ayah kareema

12.      Qur’an 24:31        Ayah hijab  & 33:59  

13.      Qur’an 24:55        Ayah istekhlaf

14.      Qur’an 33:28        Ayah takhayur

15.      Qur’an 33:33        Ayah tathir

16.      Qur’an 42:23        Ayah muwudat

17.      Qur’an 48:1          Ayah fath mubin

18.      Qur’an 58:12        Ayah najwa

19.      Qur’an 61:13        Ayah nusrat

20.      Qur’an 89:20        Ayah muhibbi

13.     Repetition of ayaat and phrases

          One of the stylistic devices of the Qur`an is repetition (takrar). One frequently comes across the same phrases and even ayaat.

          Among many others the phrase 'ma fis samawati wa ma fil 'ardh' has been used not less then 39 times; 'dhalala mubin' 19 times, 'ma baina ayidihim wa ma khalfahum' 5 times and 'kitab mubin' 10 times.

          Similarly the repetition of some ayaat is as follows:

                        1.  Qur’an 55:13           31 times

                        2.  Qur’an 77:15           10 times

                     3.  Qur’an 26:108         10 times in Surah 77

                                                            and once in Surah 83

                        4.  Qur’an 26:107         5 times

                        5. Qur’an 26:8 & 9       8 times

                        6. Qur’an 10:48            6 times in 6 different Surahs.

14.     The name of the Almighty, Allah has been used 2698 times in the Qur`an. However, out of 114 Surahs of the Qur`an in the following 28 Surahs the name Allah has not been used:


          54, 55, 56, 68, 75, 77, 80, 83, 86, 89, 90, 92, 93, 94, 97, 99, 100, 104, 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 111, 113, and 114,

          in every ayah of Surah 'Al‑Mujadala (58) the name of the Almighty, Allah is used.

15.     In Surah Al Fatiha the following 7 letters have not been used:  ث  ج  خ  ز  ش  ظ  ف .

          The remaining 21 letters include all those letters from which muqatta't are formed.

16.     The frequency of some terms or words and their counter parts in the Qur`an is equal eg. Aakhirat and dunya both have been used 115 times each 'maut' and 'hayah' both have been used 145 times each 'Iman' and 'Kufr' both have been used 25 times each.

17.     The word ‘shahr’ (month) has been used twelve times, ‘yaum’ (day) 365 times, which is equal to the number of months and days in the year.

18.     In the entire Qur`an the ‘infidels’ have been addressed only once (Qur’an 66:7)

19.     The longest Ruku' is the second Ruku' of Surah Al Saaffaat (37), which contains 52 ayaat (from ayah 22 to ayah 74).

20.     The shortest Ruku' is the second Ruku' of Surah Al‑Muzzammil (73), which contains only one ayah (Mustakfi Qur’an 73:20)

21.     The Qur`anic phrases and ayaat appearing most frequently on covers and title pages are:

          Qur’an 26:192‑96, 35:31, 56 : 77‑80

          Khalifah Mustakfi (333‑34) ordered that ayaat (Qur’an 56:79‑80) be written on the title page of every copy of the Qur’an.

22.     In ayah (Qur’an 2:186) pronouns first person singular have been used six times.

Ayaat of Sajda

There are fourteen ayaat in the Qur`an which are termed as 'ayaat sajda'. After 'tilawat', recital or hearing any of these ayaat prostration (sajda) becomes obligatory. The practice of performing prostration is based on the injunction given by the Prophet who himself observed it. It is also in accordance with the contents of these 'ayaat' mentioning that Allah's servants and creation bow before Him.

There is a minor difference of opinion between Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Shafi'i regarding the identification of one ayah. There is however, consensus regarding the remaining 13 ayaat.


Ayaat of 'sajda' are the following:

1. Qur’an 7:206                                                         2. Qur’an 13:15

3. Qur’an 16:49                                                         4. Qur’an 17:109

5. Qur’an 19:58                                                         6. Qur’an 22:18

7. Qur’an 22:77  (Imam Shafi'i has reckoned it as ‘ayah sajda’. According to Imam Abu Hanifa this is not

    ayah sajda’.)

8. Qur’an 25:60                     9. Qur’an 27:25

10. Qur’an 32:15

11. Qur’an 38:24  (Imam Abu Hanifa has reckoned it

       as 'ayah sajda'. According to Imam Shafi'i this is

       not ayah sajda.)

12. Qur’an 41:38                                                       13. Qur’an 53:62

14. Qur’an 84:21                                                       15. Qur’an 96:19

Saya hanyalah seorang tukang seru; berserulah kita kepada ALLAH, Tuhan yang menguasai Segala Apa yang di Langit dan di Bumi
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